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Job Posted On: 17-9-2013

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Hatchery Production Manager (Mid Level) Share on Facebook
No. of Vacancies:-
Job Responsibilities:-
The team of the Hatchery production manager consists of 5-10 staff members
Supervise and manage staff resources, equipment and finances to assure following objectives
Supervise and monitor the overall hatchery production
Assure hatchery production`s compliance with the respective relevant organic regulations
Ensure Post Larvae (PL) production in sufficient quantities regarding the supply of OSP smallholder farm sites
Verify the PL demand of OSP smallholder farm sites
Control the supply of PL to OSP smallholder farm sites
Implement and assure adequate documentation and reporting at all levels
Assure adequate training measures and courses for hatcheries` staff and further stakeholders (reg. organic hatchery production and production procedures)
Facilitate research and development (if applicable)
Resource allocation and employment of staff
Employees have to travel within Bangladesh mostly, but international travels have to be considered
Education Requirement:-
M.Sc aquaculture/ fisheries, marine science, zoology, life science or any other related discipline (e.g. natural resources).
Technical/Professional Requirements:-
Experience Requirements:-
Minimum 5 year(s)
Additional Job Requirements:-
At least 5 years of working experience in one of the above mentioned disciplines.
Written & spoken english
Skill in computer literacy (e.g. MS office, digital data application and communication)
Good leadership and administrative skills
Good organization and efficient working structure (e.g. priorities` management)
Team-minded, good communication skills, good approaches to solving problems,
participatory planning, motivation to achieve the company`s objectives and innovation to support continuous company`s work improvement

Salary Range:-
TK.25000 - 45000
Job Location:-
Apply Instructions:-

Suitable candidates are encouraged to send updated resume with cover letter and picture email to hr@wab-asia.com and/or hard copy to the Joint Managing Director, WAB-Trading International (Asia) Ltd. Bangladesh Liason Office, Girls School Road, Kaligonj, Satkhira.

Application deadline ::

day -mon -2013 ( 19 Days Left )

Girls School Road, Kaliganj, Satkhira - 9400.

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